Heart to Heart

The Ladies Auxiliary ministers to the needs of students in two ways through the Heart-to-Heart program.

  1. Parents, grandparents, friends and churches are able to order packages which are delivered to their student.
  2. The funds from the purchases are used by the Ladies Auxiliary toward scholarships, senior recital receptions, married student gift cards, and other projects that help the ABC family.

If you would like to participate in the Heart-to-Heart program, please contact the Ladies Auxiliary.

Available Gift Packages

The gift packages are delivered to the student along with a card and your personalized message.

  • Breakfast Package - $12

    • Can of Orange Juice
    • Pop Tart
    • Package of Hot Chocolate Mix
    • Tea Bag
    • Small Package of Dried Fruit
    • Small Package of Fruit Snacks
    • Breakfast Cereal Bar
  • Special Occasion Party Package - $15

    (must be ordered no less than 1 week prior to delivery, occasion is selected at time of purchase)

    • A Homemade, Decorated 8x12" Chocolate Chip Cookie
    • Plates
    • Napkin
  • Fruit Basket - $15

    • Assorted Fresh Fruits and Candies
  • Get Well Package - $10

    • Can of Orange Juice
    • Bottle of Sprite
    • Two Flavored Tea Bags
    • Microwaveable Chicken Soup with Saltine Crackers
    • Cough Drops
    • 1 Package of Tylenol Tablets
  • Ultimate Snack Package - $12

    • Package of Cookies
    • Candy Bar
    • Bag of Chips
    • Package of Gum
    • * Tea or Large Hot Chocolate
    • Cheese Crackers
    • Bag of Popcorn
    • Fuze Fruit Beverage

    * Indicate preference when ordering

  • Encouragement Cup - $10

    • ABC Mug
    • * Package of Hot Chocolate Mix or Tea Bag
    • 1 Biscotti
    • Candy Kisses
    • 1 Scripture Encouragement Card

    * Indicate preference when ordering

Something BIG is coming to ABC