Welcome! If you have been accepted as a student at Appalachian Bible College, you are already part of the family. Here is some helpful information for undergraduate students to prepare for arrival.

Important Dates for 2020-2021

Register for classes Jun. 1
Athletes arrive Aug. 15
New students arrive Aug. 22
Fall Classes begin Aug. 25
Fall Break Oct. 1-4
Register for Spring Classes Nov. 9-13
Thanksgiving Break Nov. 21-29
Christmas Break Dec. 16-Jan. 10
New Students Arrive (Spring) Jan. 10
Spring Classes Begin Jan. 12
Spring Break Mar. 5-15
Commencement May 1

Plan Your Schedule

You will be notified when registration for classes is open. Meanwhile you can get a head start by exploring the schedule for the upcoming semester and filling out a scheduling worksheet.

Class Schedule Class Scheduling Worksheet

Next Steps