Learn God's Word. Serve His Church.

Whether you want to build a solid foundation in the one-year Bible Certificate program or receive an accredited Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible / Theology with a double major in the ministry of your choice, Appalachian Bible College is one of the best Bible colleges to prepare you for serving the Lord…because Life is for Service.

Bible / Theology B.A. Foundational Major
+1 Ministry Major

Because Life is for Service

"Because Life is for Service" is more than ABC's motto; it is the evident passion integrated into every aspect of ministry preparation. Through quality Biblical and theological classes, the development of Christlike character, and guided Christian service, Appalachian Bible College produces men and women who are trained to serve.

Why choose Appalachian Bible College?

Since 1950, Appalachian Bible College has been preparing students for ministry and a life of service. An accredited Bible college, ABC offers certificate, associate, bachelor, and master degree programs, as well as online Bible courses and classes.

To learn how you can prepare to serve the Lord, find out more information on admissions and the application process!

  • 100% of B.A. students receive a double-major.
  • Students receive on average $8,600 in scholarships and grants per year.
  • 100% of full-time students receive financial aid.
  • Appalachian Bible College has been preparing servants for 70 years.

News & Events

  1. Thank you to Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis for returning to ABC this week. Two days were packed full of thought-provoking lectures, a Q & A session, a pastors' luncheon, and an AiG store with Biblical resources. Watch Ken Ham's lectures: abc.edu/live (1) How to Evangelize a Secularized Culture (2) Divided Nation: Cultures in Chaos & a Conflicted Church (3) Six Days, the Age of the Earth and the Authority of Scripture (4) One Race, One Blood: Dealing with "Races" and Racism The Joseph K. Pinter Lecture Series was established in 2003 in honor of Dr. Pinter's nearly 40 years of service at ABC, primarily as Theology professor and Chair of the Bible/Theology Department.

  1. "If you're someone looking at going into ministry—or even a secular career—if you're a Christian, a foundation on the Word of God is essential." Hear from Audrey, a senior at ABC, in this short video.

    What sets ABC apart? Audrey shares from her experience: the focus on God's Word, the family-like atmosphere, the caring faculty, and more. Experience Appalac...